We care about diversity and inclusion (D&I), and we believe D&I have multiple dimensions.

  • Multigeneration people working together

  • Dynamic gender and sexual diversity

  • Cultural background 

  • Introverts and extroverts

The relationship between diversity and innovation is well-recognized. How to ignite innovation from your team?

A study from the ATD Workforce Development Community showed that 35% of people wasted five or more hours each week due to chronic, unaddressed conflict between colleagues from different generations.

A study by Nordea Bank of 11,000 publicly traded companies found that women-led companies had an annualized return of 25%, vs. the MSCI world index of 11%. 

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What We Do




  • Increasing Level of Trust

  • Higher Collaboration

  • Growth Mindset


A D&I workplace presents opportunities and challenges. When working side by side or in online collaboration, we often hold passionate views that may be challenging or emotional.


Establishing a growth mindset culture, where co-workers collaborate and learn from each other, is key to high-performance teams. 












Every team has its own culture and guidelines for working together. You want to keep your team in a zone of questioning and curiosity. One of the techniques we use is the Learning Zone Model, created by Tom Senninger, a German pedagogue. 



  • Personal Awareness

  • Action Design

  • Establishing Accountability


As humans, we all work from within different worldviews. Our education, beliefs, environmental influences have all help us mold our reality. It is just natural that we tend to see others through our cultural lens, judging and misjudging them accordingly. 

The fact is that we don't spend much time trying to learn about each other. Instead, we jump to conclusions and rush to find a label that defines others. 

We use the Full Arc Coaching Engagement (FACE) model to help my leaders and professionals increase their awareness, design practical actions to change behavior, and follow-up by tracking progress and outcomes.





  • Building Value

  • Creating Value

  • Claiming Value

Business negotiations may take a long time and generate lots of compromises. We believe that companies benefit from moving to a Cooperating Style.










Mediation is an extension of the negotiation process, where we apply a systematic process that leads from issue identification to option generation with the goal of a final agreement. In the process, we work with both parts to create, build, and claim value.

Using a technique based on The Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory, we consider that a facilitative mediation encourages mutual understanding, direct communication, and better results.

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